Attic Roofing Ventilation

Weather-Tech Roofing uses state of the art, profile specific attic vents for all types of roofing applications. O’Hagin is a leading producer of superior attic ventilation products for composition shingle, shake and slate roof applications, as well as the leading producer of superior attic ventilation for real and composite tile roof applications. With over 200 different profile models to match as closely as possible to the surrounding roofing material, O’Hagin attic vents not only provide superior airflow all of their models are thoroughly tested, easy to install, and remain completely maintenance free. All models are available in standard finish galvanized steel, aluminum or copper.

Composition Shingle Attic Ventilation

Composition shingle ventilationThe O’Hagin patented tapered, low-profile attic vents offer the best ventilation solution for composition shingle, slate and shake roof applications. This vent is designed as a one-piece system requiring no separate subflashing and provides superior airflow while blending seamlessly with the surrounding roofing material – particularly when utilizing our alternate shingle-over installation finish method. The vent is 32 inches wide, 23 inches long and 2 inches high in the front, tapering to blend in with the roof decking at the top. This model is well constructed with external louvers on each side, as well as internal water diverters and splash guards.

Tile Roof Attic Ventilation

tile attic ventsO’Hagin patented attic vents for tile roof applications are manufactured as a two-piece system consisting of a primary vent (subflashing) and a profile-specific secondary vent (cover). O’Hagin Standard line of attic vents for tile offer superior Net Free Ventilation Area (NFVA*) while maintaining the aesthetics of the surrounding roofing material.