San Diego Roof Repairs

Preventive Roof Maintenance Services

To stay healthy, we all go to the doctor for regular checkups. Dentists recommend twice a year visits for cleaning and to check for cavities. Motor vehicles need to have their tires and oil changed periodically for best performance. Roof maintenance is no different.

Roofs are subject to the weather at all times. Whether it is getting tortured by the hot sun, drenched by the rains, or ripped apart by strong winds. Most homeowners never give their roofs maintenance a second thought. Why? If it is out of sight it is usually out of mind. The average homeowner does not typically climb up on their roof, therefore, they do not see the many issues that could result in possible premature roof failure.

They do not see the split rubber seals on the plumbing vent pipes or the nails that are backing out of the roof vents and flashing components. There could be cracks developing on the chimney crown and in the mortar holding the chimney brick together or deteriorating caulk on the wood frame chimneys. There could be other various problems associated with their rain gutters as well. They do not see the missing shingles that are exposing the roof deck. Many homeowners do not realize they have had storm damage that could be significant enough for filing an insurance claim resulting in a new roof paid for by their homeowners insurance.

The prudent homeowner will hire a professional roofing company to inspect their roof every two years to ward off possible damage to the interior of their home. Unfortunately, the roofer is called when a stain appears on the ceiling of their home or when they see water running down the interior wall during a thunderstorm. By being proactive , a homeowner can save literally thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on interior repairs.